International Documents
A door-to-door service for time sensitive documents to more than 600 cities in over 220 countries worldwide. Delivery is  achieved within 2 - 6 days depending on destination.

International (Non Documents)

A door-to-door service for time sensitive non document consignments. All non document shipments require customs documentation. Please refer to Customs Documentation Requirements or call your nearest AGM Nitro Logistics (Pty) Ltd office for assistance. An additional transit time of 1 - 2 days may apply for dutiable or commercial value items due to customs clearance procedures at destination.

International "Special" Consignments

For extremely urgent consignments that require special handling and/or direct routing to the destination country to meet your critical delivery deadline. These consignments must be advised prior to collection and additional charges will be incurred. Contact your nearest AGM Nitro Logistics (Pty) Ltd branch for details.

International Airfreight

For heavier or bulkier consignments that are not time sensitive. Airfreight is a more cost effective alternative to courier for larger consignments. Transit times are departed upon destination and customs clearance. The airfreight tariff will be quoted per consignment dependent on weight, value and destination. AGM Nitro Logistics (Pty) Ltd offers both a DOOR to DOOR or DOOR to AIRPORT airfreight service.

International Roadfreight

Cross border road freight to neighbouring countries is a more cost effective alternative for heavier less time sensitive consignments. AGM Nitro Logistics (Pty) Ltd currently provides a crossborder service to: Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana and Namibia. Transit times are again dependent upon final destination and customs clearance at destination. Tariffs for this service are available on request.

Restricted/Dangerous Goods Service

Any goods that are classified as restricted or dangerous by (International Air Transport Association) IATA will NOT be permitted as a courier consignment.
Goods of this nature MUST conform to IATA regulations and be packed in accordance with their rules and regulations. Any goods of this nature will be quoted per consignment.

AGM Financial Services Group

AGM Financial Services Group (Pty) Ltd is an integrated financial and

investment organisation offering a range of financial services.


Afterhours Service

Monday - Friday: 18H00 - 06H00
Saturday from 12H00 - 06H00 Monday

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